Our Top Road Trip Essentials


Over the years I have become a professional road tripper. I have gone the distance (no pun intended) to be able to put these essentials together for you. A part from your obvious necessities like gas and a GPS. Here are some of my must have essentials for taking an awesome road trip. Happy travels!


I have found it best to stack up on your favs before you head out. Mostly because I love Whole Food and Trader Joe snacks. I have good size ice cooler for water and pop. This helps with cost and from over eating junk food.


After driving in the desert many times I have learned quickly that you either lose phone service or can’t reach any good stations. So to avoid sitting in the car for hours without tunes I recommend taking it old school and creating a CD mix tape. I like to create a different era of genres, it makes the drive that much better!


As a kid did you ever play the I SPY game with your siblings? Well as an adult my boyfriend and I bought this book (The Book of Questions). We take it on every road trip. It starts a conversation, we get to know each other a lot better, and we get a lot of good laughs! Also great way to pass the time.


Have you ever heard the song “Shake it like a polaroid picture?”. Well shake up your road trip with a vintage spin to your images. It’s great that our iPhones are handy now days, but it’s also awesome to have physical images to keep and cherish. I once made a photo album of all of my polaroid images and gave it to my friend as a gift!


Shades aren’t just for looks! Although you want to be riding in style and look awesome for your photo op. But it’s actual smart to protect your eyes. Driving for hours is a lot exposure to the sun. Especially when you are looking at the road. The sun reflecting off the road is a lot stronger for your eyeballs than you realize!