Motivate Me : 5 Steps to Instant Happines

Living a happy, healthy and positive life will improve how you feel – fact.


“Do more of what makes you happy!” Put yourself first this time and let your sunshine radiate onto others, perhaps one (or all) of these five steps will help you get into the groove…


1. Take time out of your day to do something nice for someone else – whether that’s a compliment, a ride to work, helping them move house or even giving someone else your seat on the bus. It’s bound to put you in a great mood, create the ultimate positive atmosphere and get your good karma juices flowing. The world needs more love and kindness!

2. Do a fun activity with your friends – whether that’s a girls night, a trip to the cinema, a friendly game of bowling or a concert seeing your fave act, take some time out of your schedule and be social with the people that make you laugh the most. The inside jokes, horrible lighting selfies and reminiscing on old times will be rolling in no time.


3. Sometimes there are days where nothing seems like it will fix it except getting involved in couch time with your favourite television series or chick flick. So don’t feel guilty – grab your snacks and settle in for a bit of screen time. Keeping with the entertainment theme, to finish off your night – unwind with a playlist of your favourite tunes on Apple Music to complete it.

4. Having motivation is something that isn’t easy to come by but if you’ve created goals for yourself things are clearer to see. When you achieve your milestones because you’ve worked super hard, treat yourself – it’s a big deal ticking these experiences off! The Dream Big Journal from Kikki K is my favourite tool, allowing you to plan where you’d like to see yourself in 1, 3, 5 and 10 years time.


5. Spend your night or weekend volunteering for a charity – grab some pals or workmates and set up a plan to help the people in need the most. There’s always very worthy charities needing help collecting important funds or helping run their fundraising events throughout the year. Pick a cause that you’re passionate about and get out there – you’re helping them to help others!


Life is what you make of it – go out there and spread lots of happy and positive vibes. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and above all, breathe!