Kimberley’s Blog: Warriors + birthday fun

Hey team,

Hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.

I have started working on a new project that will have me pretty busy over the next month which is very exciting! This role already has a whole new set of challenges unlike any other role I have done before which will really stretch me, I’m stoked.

I feel like I have been pretty busy since landing in NZ, between meetings, rehearsals, filming and trying to catch up with friends, I have felt a little like I was treading water and lacking a lot of sleep. I tend to get myself in this position a lot, especially when I am home and need to remember that I need to have a few moments to chill and ensure I get enough sleep or I am no good to anyone.

I did get to do some great things over the last week, I went to the Warriors game and saw Blair and Pete from Team NZ (sailing) who are back in the country for a bit too. I haven’t been to a game in a long time, the crowd was great and the boys had a good win too, which always helps!

Seems like I am also not the only one celebrating a birthday this month, I caught up with lots of my good friends from Shortland Street while celebrating the birth of two of my good friends. I love birthdays and mine is only a week and a bit away!

How was your weekend and Mother’s Day?

Kimberley xx



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