Kimberley’s Blog: Summer Days

Hello Hello!

Only a couple more days of 2014 and I am determined to send this year off with a bang. I have been spending time with my family at our beach house in Pauanui.

One of my goals was to be really intentional with my time while in NZ as I go back to LA soon. Everyday we have been active and out and about making memories and going on adventures.

The highlight would have to be getting my mum up on the surfboard and the paddleboard. She really is a rockstar. We have been hiking, swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, slip and sliding on the 30 metre slip and slide we made and going on adventures in to the bush to find a waterfall.

I hope that if you are in NZ you are making the most of the wonderful weather and getting out and about and trying some new things. Enjoy the last few days of 2014 and get ready for the best year ahead.

Love you all,

Kimberley xx



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