Kimberley’s Blog: Share the Love

This Valentines day I want to encourage you to make it the best Valentines day yet by sharing the love.

I think we have a choice when it comes to days like Valentines, we can either embrace it, and make it our own, or we can kick up a fuss and be angry at the world and all things commercial.My advice, make Valentines Day a great one and it doesn’t’ mean you have to have the most romantic evening ever with the perfect partner. Great if you have an other half and you are spending it like that, go you. But if you are single or want to make it about something bigger and better here are some tips:

  1. Pick 10 people who mean the most to you and send them a cute message about why you love them and why they mean lots to you.
  2. Organise a sleep over or girls dinner with your best friends and watch movies and eat good food.
  3. Tell your parents you love them by writing them a little note.
  4. Be charitable, donate and give back or simply be really conscious of smiling, wish people Happy Valentines Day that you come in contact with.
  5. If you do have a partner, make the day special by writing them a card and sending them a few messages throughout the day that you are thinking about them and what it is about them that brings you joy.
  6. Maybe reach out to someone who you know is having a rough time and give them some love.

Valentines Day shouldn’t be a burden, I think if you can embrace love, and share it around, that is a pretty good thing to do, make someone’s day this Valentines Day!
Oh and… Happy Valentines Day ~ Kimberley xx



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