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Hey Team,


In all honesty I have been a little overwhelmed this week. I usually pride myself on being good with balance and time management and I can’t even tell you what exactly happened but for some reason, this past week has been significantly average in the ‘being alert and awesome’ camp.


I need to learn to not try and control everything. I have no routine in my life and often when I feel shaken I tend to try and re-ground myself by controlling things, which never works but it always seems easier than just letting go and trusting – so an area that needs some work for sure! If you have any tips, please share haha.


While I was in New Zealand I teamed up with TVNZ On Demand to help create a new way to promote all the new TVNZ On Demand shows. We came up with #theboardroom a series of scenes where some of the cast of each show pitch their ideas for promoting their show – naturally comedy ensues. Check it out here or on Facebook –


The highlight of the week was checking out the Vans U.S. Surf Open in Huntington Beach. This is one of my fav events of the year and nice to spend the day catching up with friends and getting inspired by some of the best surfers in the world, shredding right in front of me. This year was extra exciting as I got to work with WSL and Zambezi LA recently as a writer. I was hired to conceptualize and write a series of comedic commercials for them, which they shot over the week of the competition. Can’t wait to share them with you!


As some of you might know, I have been working closely with my best friend and writing partner Katie on creating new shows and developing content. We have both now officially come on board as part of the Kicked To The Curb team, which is basically a dream come true. Can’t wait to be able to share with you what we have been working on. Keep up to date on instagram and facebook – @happywifeinc_


If you are in LA next weekend and you are a Power Rangers fan, or just want to hang out, I would love to meet you. This is the biggest Power Rangers event of the year. I will be there all day Saturday!


Hoping next week will bring a bit more balance. Going to start by getting an early night. Mum always told me that fixes everything.







Kimberley Crossman

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