In defense of claiming 2021 as our year

We’ve made it to 31 days of 2021 so far. If last year taught us anything, it’s to never take anything for granted. Not even a single day that we are lucky enough to open our eyes in the morning. 

By now you would have experienced all kinds of days this year already. Days that are so overwhelmingly good, filled with laughter and pure joy. Days where we watched in horror as current events unfolded before our eyes. Days we doubted ourselves, questioned what we were doing, and wondered what is the point to all this. And then there are those days – and these are my favourite – filled with unfiltered hope and endless possibilities, feeling as though this is the year where things will be different. The year we truly go after our dreams, chase after the things that fulfill us, and do what makes us happy. 

So, with that said, why are we so scared to claim 2021 as our year?

I’m sure you would have seen the memes by now. Something about being careful not to say that 2021 is our year or else we’ll jinx it. I mean, I know it’s just a joke, but part of me still feels like maybe I shouldn’t be too expressive of my hopes and dreams for how this year could look like for me, lest I jinx it for myself. 

Why are we so afraid to be vocal about what we want? Is it because we’re afraid that in doing so, we’ll get ridiculed if we fail? Is it because of Tall Poppy Syndrome and we’re afraid that by daring to express or want something greater for ourselves, we’ll be chopped down and pulled back down to earth? Or is it because we know now more than ever that some things are just beyond our control and not everything goes to plan, so it’s best not to get too excited in case we end up disappointed?

Whatever it is, I think it’s stopping us from truly feeling the happiness that only comes when nothing is certain so everything is possible. 

So to anyone who feels like 2021 is their year, who are boldly going after what they want in the midst of a pandemic, of political unrest, and a new ‘normal’ world, I say let’s dare to defy the expected and proudly declare that 2021 will be ours. Whatever that means for you, I hope you know that you are completely capable of turning your dreams into reality, of changing your life to how you want it to be, and of shaping this year to be your best yet.

2021 is our year. Claim it.