Hello September – Here is what we are loving this month

It’s September! We’re listening to a new collaboration from kiwi lads Sachi & Thomston, watching Kylie’s new show and taking note of Zoe Sugg’s wisdom.

Spotlight On: Thomston x Sachi

Talented duo Sachi have teamed up with singer-songwriter Thomston for an absolute banger of a tune, Ride that saw the collaboration appear on the Apple Music Hot Tracks on the day of release and on the radio airwaves. The partnership formed after Thomston sent what he was working on which was ‘a tune about a dysfunctional relationship, where there’s no communication’ and Sachi jumped on board to make it the piece that it is today. Best kiwi musical collab I’ve heard in a long time!

Travel Bucket List #8: New York
New York you’ll know as the bright city with a picturesque skyline. This iconic city will keep you on your feet with big attractions, a long list of eateries and bars to try and great music. It’s also home to the infamous Times Square, Madison Square Garden and of course, Broadway. Unleash your inner Gossip Girl and head to the Upper East Side and explore Manhattan. The city has so much to offer, it’s a no brainer – as Taylor said, “Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you!”

Book: Nadia Lim’s Let’s Eat
Masterchef winner Nadia Lim has been inspiring people’s inner foodies for years since she won the cooking reality show in 2011. She’s the co-founder of My Food Bag and a dietitian, spending her days designing recipes for the popular service. Let’s Eat is Nadia’s new book, one that she claims is ‘the best yet’ and has over 100 friendly recipes. My pick, the Pumpkin Pie pancakes sound great for this season!

TV: Life of Kylie
The entrepreneur has grown up on reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians but now fans of the beauty mogul can get a real behind-the-scenes look into Kylie Jenner’s life. The debut season follows Kylie and her bestie Jordyn Woods, as she attends her first ever school prom, the process of choosing her Met Gala dress and discovering fake versions of her make-up products on the streets of LA.

Quote: Zoe Sugg
“If you have those core people who make you happy, who bring something to your life, who influence you in a positive way – that’s all you need. And anyone who doesn’t do that, don’t waste your time.” – Zoe Sugg (Zoella)