December Favourites

It’s official – Christmas is this month and we’re getting into the spirit. This month we check out Sia’s Christmas tunes, films to watch and a white Christmas?!

Spotlight On: SIA

Australian-born singer SIA needs little introduction, but this is an alert that she’s released a Christmas album – Everyday Is Christmas. She’s produced some great tunes you can listen to all month (and all year really!) – my favourite on the album is Santa’s Coming For Us and I would love to see her add it to her set list when she performs at her upcoming Auckland show this month.

Travel Bucket List #11: London
It’s hard to imagine spending Christmas in a location that very cold as I’ve spent every Christmas in the warm Summer climate NZ usually has. The UK also has Winter Wonderland, an event centred in Hyde Park in London during November and December, that encompasses UK’s largest outdoor ice rink, markets, Cinderella on Ice, circus, rides and attractions which includes a giant wheel and Santa Land. *books plane ticket*

Book: Tanya’s Christmas
Speaking of a British Christmas, UK based YouTuber Tanya Burr has put all of her love for Christmas in this beautiful hardcover book. From recipes, craft projects, throwing parties, decorating and hair and make-up tips, this book has it all. Tanya evidently from this book has a knack for being creative and a love for Christmas. ‘My wish for you all, is to have the most wonderful Christmas imaginable and I hope this book becomes your go-to read for festive inspiration, not just this Christmas but for all those magical ones to come.’

Film: Christmas Movies
Realistically, this collection of films are great to watch anytime but there’s something special about viewing these movies at this festive time of year. I dare you to make a list of all of the movies you loved but haven’t seen in a while – my one’s are Christmas themed (and just in general, a great watch). Elf, Home Alone, The Holiday, Love Actually, The Santa Claus and How the Grinch Stole Christmas have all made the cut – share your picks for the holidays in the comments below.

Quote: Charlie Dickens
“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.” – Charles Dickens.

I also liked an unknown author quote I found, “We are like a snowflake, all different in our own beautiful way.”