5 Things We Learnt From Simone Anderson’s New Book

5 Things We Learnt From Simone Anderson’s New Book “Journey To Health”


Simone Anderson’s journey to health has been a journey that she’s openly shared with her audience from day one. It’s part of what makes her so successful – the vulnerability and honesty in the way she relays her journey is relatable and inspiring at the same time.

Her new book “Journey To Healthy” is an extension of her presence on social media, and I like that she took me through from the beginning of her journey to where she is now. She gets really candid and personal in this book, publishing excerpts from her journal, even sharing her weekly measurements after surgery.

Here are the 5 key things we learnt from Simone’s book:

Being honest with yourself is the first step in making a big life change– Deciding to make a big life change can sometimes be daunting, especially when we’re too scared to admit that something in our lives need changing in the first place. The prologue to this book is quite confronting in a sense that Simone talked about the day she worked up the courage to weigh herself. That was the beginning of the journey for her, and to hear her talk about what would have been a difficult time in her life with such honesty and openness reminded me that our journey starts with ourselves. Let’s be brave enough to be honest.

Get moving – This book reminded me that it’s good to always keep moving. Moving your body in the most physical sense, getting active and trying activities. I like that it’s not just about going to the gym for her, but finding physical activities that she actually enjoyed like sports and group exercise was something she really emphasised.

A little planning goes a long way– In this case, she focuses on meal prep in particular but this principle applies to a lot of things. When forming new habits, we’re always told that consistency is key and personally I think the key to being consistent is a little bit of planning. Think about it: preparing something in advanced means that when the situation arise, we’re better equipped at handling it. In Simone’s case,  she mentioned that she likes to do one big shop on Sundays and top up on fresh items a few times a week. Because she’s planned her meals in advance, she’s not tempted to reach out for fast food or takeaways because it’s convenient. So yes, planning is so underrated and I definitely think we should all be doing more of that in our lives!

Celebrate little victories– now this I totally get! Often when we’re so focused on a goal and the end result, it’s hard to remember to celebrate the little victories along the way. But as Simone writes in the book, celebrating the little victories that people often take for granted is essential.  The little victories are what inspires us to keep going, to motivate us when we see how far we’ve come. After all, it’s not about the destination but the journey to get there, right?

It’s important to surround yourself with good people– an overall theme I’ve noticed while reading the book was the amount of support Simone had. They were there cheering her on, pushing her forward, helping her be the best she can be. This is probably my key takeaway from this book – that our journeys are meant to be shared. And I don’t mean that in the literal sense of sharing everything on social media, but even just sharing it with your closest family and friends help. Especially for a big life change like taking control of your health. I think you’ll be amazed at how many people are actually there for you and willing to support you to reach your goal!

Ultimately Simone’s book is about self-love and body positivity, and it’s written in a way where you feel like you’re just listening to a good friend talk about what she’s been going through. It’s the perfect Sunday afternoon read and will inspire you to take control of your life, health related or not.