5 mins with the Queen of Femme – Tara

What was the inspiration for your project/company, and how long had you been working on it before launching?

  • The death of my firstborn son in my arms catapulted me into a deep and necessary healing. The inspiration for Elegant Femme was my own desire to live a beautiful life after my world was turned upside down. Yes, I lost a child, but I also lost my identity. EF now supports women around the world who feel a deep calling to live their most Beautiful Soul-led life to say YES to their desires MATTER WHAT.

Can you share with us what a typical day looks like for you? 

  • Each day is different to a degree, which is part of why I love being an entrepreneur. Each day, however, I do have books that support me. I honor my FemmeTypes each day and start with meditation, journaling, iced coffee, or hot tea. Then a walk on the beach with my husband and our two dogs, followed by Pilates. I spend a ton of time on the deck reflecting on this season of my life, which, at this point, is getting ready to sail around the world with my husband. I then have content creation time, which is usually a YouTube video. My business has changed so much over the years; I now have 1 to 2 calls a week. And the rest of my day is spent creating a beautiful home for my family. Cooking gorgeous meals, doing laundry, and creating a gorgeous environment with fresh flowers. At night, we take a bike ride and another walk on the beach before unwinding with a show or movie. I then have a hot tea and prep for bed with another meditation and FemmeFlow journal session. My life is very slow-paced, with plenty of room for self-care.

The industry that you’re in now was that always a career pathway you wanted to explore? And if not always, what sparked your initial interest? 

  • I have always been drawn to personal growth and fashion. Inside of Elegant Femme we honor both;)

Do you have a highlight experience from your years of work in the creative space?

  • I have held two runway shows on the Parisian Runway..this was a highlight. We will be launching our book in February 2025. And I have held high-end mastermind retreats in some of the most beautiful chateaus in the world. Yet I would say my biggest highlight is raising my two boys with my husband of 23 years and getting to travel the world together, living our dreams!

Can you share something that may surprise people about what could go on behind the scenes of your work?

  • Oooohhhh yes. I find so much inspiration at the spa. Before leading a masterclass, I am often found in the steam room or lying in the sun. My idea of preparation is getting fresh flowers, taking extra time to rest, and a gorgeous sex session with my hubby. Surprise!

Where would we find you in your spare time? 

  • Laying on the deck reading.

Best advice you’ve ever been given? 

  • Trust Life.

Social media

  • ElegantFemme.com, TaraAnnMarino on insta, Beautiful Soul Led Life Podcast -all the places.



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