5 mins with: Entertainment Publicist, Antonia Aimer

*For those who might not know, what does an entertainment publicist do?

818 is a boutique publicity agency based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, specialising in entertainment and experience publicity, so we focus on creating awareness and building buzz about new films, TV shows, sporting events, music tours, comedy festivals and more. We do this by working closely with media, talent and clients to generate as much noise as possible for each project. Each project is different, but might include an opening night event, talent media junkets, organising preview screenings, setting-up reviews, working with influencers and much, much more.

*Can you share with us what a typical day looks like for you?

The fun of being an entertainment publicist is there isn’t really a typical day. Every day is different! A typical day might start with picking up talent, whether that be a singer, magician or director – and taking them to do breakfast television. Followed by a radio run, depending on the media schedule I’ve created. Then back to the office to work on a range of projects, which could include getting in touch with content creators, writing a press release or ordering catering for an event. In the evening our team can often be found working at music concerts – helping ‘look after’ photographers, or running doorlists at industry events. 

*The industry that you’re in now, was that always a career pathway you wanted to explore? And if not always, what sparked your initial interest? 

I always knew I loved working closely with people – I was the kid in class who always had to be separated from others to be less of a distraction! I figured the media industry would welcome my chatty, people-person personality, so I studied radio broadcasting at university to get my foot in the door. Chris Henry, the managing director of 818, taught a lecture at my university all about the wondrous world of PR and I was hooked! I liked the people skills it involved, the fast-paced environment, and the idea of working in a world filled with movies, music and media! I completed an internship with 818 ahead of graduation, was offered a full time role, and was recently promoted to Publicist.

*Do you have a highlight experience from your time in the creative space?

Assisting with interviews for some of my favourite artists, AJ Tracey and Raye at Laneway 2024 was pretty surreal. The opening night of the musical Hamilton was also a huge highlight. It felt great to see our team’s hard work pay off – and then get to reap the rewards whilst experiencing such an incredible show. 818 recently celebrated its 10th year in business, which was a special occasion to mark with my team, our clients, media and family.

*Can you share something that may surprise people about what could go on behind the scenes of your work? 

The amount of TIME and PEOPLE that go into every little interview! I was shocked to find it can take weeks of planning, briefing and several different teams and meetings just to arrange a ten-minute interview with a celebrity!

*Where would we find you in your spare time?

At the dance studio, on a walk, or at my favourite bar with friends. 

*Best advice you’ve ever been given? 

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” I definitely have to remind myself of this quote frequently as a publicist!  

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