2 minutes with: Leah Light

Celebrity Nail Stylist Leah Light shares with us what wellbeing means to her.

What’s your favourite healthy and delicious food?
I am totally obsessed at the moment with having a toasted whole meal pita bread, filled with baby spinach, capsicum, cucumber, shredded chicken a little bit of feta and sweet chilli sauce!! Yummm.

Do you have a favourite way to exercise?
I LOVE to dance but at the moment I am super keen to get started playing golf. Geoff my husband is an amazing golfer and the kids are keen to play too.

What makes you most happy?
My family, they are my reason for living and the reason behind almost everything I do.

For you, what is ‘general wellbeing’?
Taking care of your mind body and soul.

A quote you live by is?
“Live in the now, as the future is just a thought and the only thing that matters is the way you live right NOW!”



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